Fund Management


The Managing Director and Executive Team have successfully structured and managed numerous real estate, renewable energy and private equity funds as well as analogous syndication structures during the past twenty-five years. Historically, thematically, their captive funds were either tax-advantaged, income and/or opportunity/appreciation driven. Currently, DRU manages one opportunity funds and multiple income funds. We also directly invest for our own account.

Real Estate Investment Fund ManagementAs owner operators, the DRU remains conservative in its investment approach. We are not velocity driven. Our patient acquisition protocol remains discriminating to ensure above market returns for our investors.


DRU successfully closed Opportunity Fund I in November 2013 and exceeded investor expectations by delivering returns in the high teens over its 36 month term. DRU continues to invest in single family, value add opportunities through Opportunity Fund II. Fund II was formed to pursue, in accordance with the market, more expensive properties requiring greater capital expenditures and providing higher absolute dollar returns per investment. Fund II is presently slated to close in December of 2016.

The DRU Income Fund was launched in December 2012, and Income Fund II was launched in December 2013. Both continue to acquire multi-family income property throughout the United States. Our principle focus remains value-add opportunities in, among other markets, California, Texas and Oregon.

DRU intends to launch its Debt Fund during Q1 2016 to capitalize on its experience and relationships within the investment silos within the residential real estate sector. The Fifty Million Dollar ($50,000,000.00) Debt Fund will focus on single family and multi-family investment operators we understand and respect.