Property Management


Del Rey Urban and its affiliate, Urban Housing, together, manage our multi-family projects outside and within California, respectively. We eat our own cake and manage every asset we acquire and a growing number of complexes for others.

Our management team has extensive experience and deep relationships with community and governmental and agency leadership including:

1. City Council;
2. County Supervisors;
4. Mayor’s Office;
5. R.E.A.P. administrators;
6. Governor’s Office, and much more at the local, state or national level.

We have encountered and prevailed through each issue you encounter as a property owner. Our in house General Counsel, Greene, Fidler & Chaplan, LLP is among the most active landlord/tenant firm in California representing commercial and residential owners throughout California and the nation.

We can and will enhance the value of your current and future holdings as we do day in and day out for our own properties. If cash flow and increased value motivate you, take action. Call 877-55URBAN/(310)896-8260 today for a free DRU Audit, and let us help you make and keep more money.