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Our Story:

Del Rey Urban started out of the necessity for best in class representation for our investor clients. As investors, brokers and agents ourselves, we knew how we wanted our properties marketed to the public. We designed and managed renovations on single family homes and by staging and listing the finished properties ourselves, we realized we were better at it than others and the financial rewards were too high to allow others to benefit.

We started Del Rey Urban Brokerage and the rest is history. We continue to represent our investor clients on the acquisition and disposition of single family homes and buyers and sellers of single and multi family properties.

We have more than 25  plus years of experience in residential and commercial markets locally, nationally and internationally. We thrive on best in class representation and getting deals done. With our broker’s, Scott a. Chaplan, real estate and legal background, expertise and guidance, no deal is too big or complicated to close. We simply get deals done at DRU!

We hope you get a better understanding of what motivates us at DRU and what we can offer you and your career on the rest of this page!

DRU’s Core Values


  • Integrity
  • Continuous improvement
  • Family values
  • Fellowship


  • Hardworking
  • Smart
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Charismatic
  • Team players


Team building and community volunteer work building a playground for Habitat For Humanity & the City of Bellflower.

DRU’s Services

Del Rey Urban provides best in class services to our clients that include the following:

Access to in-house legal department through our affiliate, Greene, Fidler & Chaplan, LLP

Design and construction management services for buyers and sellers

In-house staging services

Property management services

Meet and Discuss Your Real Estate Future

DRU’s Agent Services

We are not your average real estate brokerage. With our proven background in real estate law and entrepreneurial mindset, we at DRU look at real estate from many different vantage points. Our brokerage is fluid and constantly changing so we are ahead of the market and not left behind.


We, at DRU, don’t have weekly classes because we don’t believe that sitting in a classroom is the best way of learning. We pair you with a seasoned agent to mentor you. You learn from first hand experience by shadowing the agent by going on caravan, open houses, listing appointments, buyer showings, reviewing paperwork and more. We provide monthly training on a topics the agents wants to learn about and information we believe is necessary to succeed in this business. Our classes are in a small group environment so you can get the most out of it.

We believe that agents only succeed if they fully amerce themselves in real estate. You can’t be an agent 50% of the time and be successful.


DRU Pays

  • We pay for two (2) open house email flyers for each of your listings
  • We pay for 50 standard DRU flyers for your open house
  • We pay for your headshot
  • We pay for your first set of business cards
  • We provide your own landing page on our website
  • We offer competitive splits
  • We provide lead generation for proven agents

Technology, Marketing and Branding

DRU uses a custom built CRM service to maximize your production level. Having useful and easy tools to use organizes and simplifies your business and maximizes your output. DRU pays for this state-of-the-art platform which you will not find in most brokerages.

We believe that marketing and branding is the most important aspect of your business. We send out weekly and monthly marketing and branding campaigns through multiple avenues with a strong focus on social media.


DRU Wealth Building

DRU offers multiple levels of revenue streams. We want to encourage our agents to make money in all aspects of real estate from working with investors to bringing in property management clients.

  • Representing buyers and sellers of residential real estate
  • Representing buyers and sellers of commercial real estate
  • Finding investment properties for DRU, its affiliates and third-party investors to buy
  • Profit participation from recruiting new agents to work at DRU
  • Referring property management business to DRU’s affiliate management company
  • Fees for internal client/property referrals
  • Referring potential borrowers for DRU’s credit products
  • Class B Shares
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