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Del Rey UrbanAbout Us

Del Rey Urban Brokerage is a full-service luxury real estate boutique.

Our founders, Scott A. Chaplan, Esq. and Consuela Kielbowicz, are seasoned real estate investors and professionals who selectively assembled an extraordinary team of Advisors, buyers, builders, property and fund managers. They have also gathered a team of designers who specialize in residential and commercial properties across the country, with an emphasis in the Los Angeles and Houston markets.

Unlike our competition, our perspective aligns with yours. We know how to achieve the best results for buyers and sellers because we are buyers and sellers. We negotiate better, and our DRU Ecosystem™ affords access to a set of tools exclusive to Del Rey Urban (in-house legal, design, construction and much more).

Each buyer and seller has unique needs and goals. We work with you to hone yours, and then we win for you. It’s that simple! We manage the entire process, negotiate appropriate pricing for all service providers, ensure timely closings, resolve issues regardless of their complexity and get you what you want, the right property for the best price or the best price for your property.

Today Del Rey Urban transacts internationally for its own account and on behalf of its exclusive clientele while remaining local and highly informed about the nuance of each market within which we transact.

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