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Marc Robinson

Marc RobinsonAbout Me

Originally from Reading, Pennsylvania (like the Reading Railroad from the real estate game Monopoly), Marc went to high school in Los Angeles, and resided with his neighbors…from the San Fernando Valley to midtown to the Hollywood hills. Marc explored this city extensively and observed its evolution and development. He likes to identify the pulse of a particular area of the city, since a once downtrodden neighborhood can be transformed into an affluent and desirable neighborhood in a short time frame. He operates on the premise that there aren’t any “bad ” neighborhoods, just neighborhoods that are waiting their turn to be redeveloped or “gentrified”.

Marc considers both the historical and future aspects of an area, which helps his clients see the larger picture of their potential property acquisition. He specializes in helping those new to Los Angeles gain an insight on the areas where they would flourish. Marc works with property developers and investors as well as first time buyers and sellers! He’s more than a Realtor—he’s a friend to his clients.

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