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Tommy Lee Thomas

Tommy Lee Thomas About Me

Following a successful career in the movie industry as both an actor and producer, Tommy Lee Thomas seamlessly transitioned his ambition into the realm of real estate. Within his inaugural year, he achieved remarkable success, becoming a multi-million-dollar sales producer. Introduced to the real estate world by his esteemed mentor and friend, Joe Convery, a prominent figure in both filmmaking and Beverly Hills/Malibu real estate, Tommy Lee embarked on this new journey in 2000. His decision was fortified by the completion of his MBA at Pepperdine University.

Specializing in the foreclosure market, Tommy Lee leveraged his connections with one of his film investors, who regularly acquired properties at foreclosure auctions in Los Angeles County. His initial foray into the field involved diligent door-knocking of pre-foreclosure leads, provided by his investment associate. Remarkably, on his very first night of door-knocking, Tommy Lee secured his inaugural deal—an auspicious start to his real estate career.

Now, Tommy Lee is thrilled to align with the esteemed Del Rey Urban Real Estate Brokerage family, under the guidance of Scott Chaplan and his dedicated team. Within this new environment, he remains committed to his mission of assisting individuals navigating the complexities of home ownership, particularly within the foreclosure market. During his free time, Tommy enjoys spending time with his daughter.

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